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Training Design

Effective training starts with Training Design

A poorly planned and executed training program will undermine months of design and development work.  Effective technology, streamlined business processes, and well-defined roles and responsibilities will be ignored if the roll-out is unorganized and error-prone.  The project team will also have little credibility with the end-user audience for future corrective actions and roll-outs.

Maulieaux Tech aligns desired outcomes to a structured training program

Training Design outlines the training curriculum and determines the who, what, where, when, why and how of training.  Maulieaux Tech designs Training Programs recognizing that people learn differently.  Some users learn through doing (kinesthetic learners), others through hearing (auditory learners), and others through seeing (visual learners).  Our training programs are designed to incorporate methods to reach each of these different learning styles.

Our training approach is designed in modules and based on roles.  Since we design training for specific stakeholder groups, we always ensure that training is appropriate for a given role.  For example, as a result of this targeted approach, shop floor operators receive hands-on instruction on how to perform the tasks they need to do their job, such as inventory completions using a hand-held scanner.  Executive level managers need to understand the new systems and processes but not be proficient users.  As a result, the executives typically attend overview training sessions.

A well-planned and effective training program ensures that the client team:

  • Communicates the “big-picture” of the new work environment, including a description of how all the pieces – business processes, technology, and organization architecture – fit together
  • Instructs employees on the content they need to perform their work, including new processes, technology, roles, and responsibilities
  • Communicates the individual and organization-wide benefits that accompany the implementation
  • Reinforces important concepts to ensure that training is effective
  • Builds momentum for the newly implemented working environment

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