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Implementation & Adoption

We can make your technology implementation a success

You’ve heard the technology implementation horror stories.  Companies embroiled in lawsuits with software vendors.  “Customized” software that, at great expense, fails to replace the functionality of the old system.  The Board of Directors pulling the plug on runaway implementations after millions of dollars have been spent.  Why do so many technology implementations go so badly off-course?

Technology implementations, whether an ERP or a stand-alone solution, are so much more than technology.  Successful implementations require data management, program management, and change management.  They demand upfront visioning and post-go live adoption monitoring and user support.  It is simply not enough to just get the technology working.  After all the money is spent, an implementation’s success depends on the readiness of people to adapt to change and to adopt new processes and technology.

This is where Maulieaux Tech consultants excel.  Independent of specific software providers, Maulieaux Tech focuses on the business-side of implementations.  Visioning, project planning, program management, process reengineering, training, communications, end-user support, adoption monitoring – just some examples of how Maulieaux Tech supports implementations.  We have built our methodology on years of managing successful transitions from pre-implementation uncertainty to post-go-live success.  We understand the commitment it takes to deliver the promised return on investment and our skills and experience help make this commitment possible.

How Maulieaux Tech Can Help:

Visioning and Strategy

Well-defined visions for the company’s processes, organizations, and technology are the foundation for a successful implementation.  They set the course for the project’s goals, priorities, timeframe, budget and so much more.  Without a well-defined vision and project strategy, the team cannot start planning for success.  Maulieaux Tech is a clear choice for driving this visioning and strategy.

Business Requirements Analysis

Not all business requirements are created equal.  Maulieaux Tech is adept at understanding the strategic business requirements that are vital to the business’ success.  Maulieaux Tech builds requirements based on the vision of the future, not as a repetition of what is currently being done.

Business Case Development

Driven by the visions and strategy, the Business Case helps determine the implementation plan, becomes a key communication theme, and provides a framework for making trade-off decisions as the project progresses through its phases.

Software Selection

Maulieaux Tech’s independent eye and focus on process is exactly what it takes to make important software selections.  We understand that software should be evaluated based on the future process scenarios that you want to see, rather than what the software provider wants to sell.

ERP Implementation Leadership / Program Management

On all programs we manage, you can trust Maulieaux Tech to set realistic expectations of time, costs and benefits.  We apply rigorous project management skills to achieve milestones, resolve issues, track progress, and engage project team members efficiently and effectively.  Our management and leadership during implementation is geared towards making sure the technology is adopted.

ERP Change Management

Ultimately, Change Management is what delivers lasting change.  Beginning the Change Management activities at the start of a project lays a solid foundation for success.  Communication and Training should not be given too little attention too late in the game.  Maulieaux Tech's Change Management experts lend the much-needed support that systems integrators and large national firms often overlook.

End User Training Development

Maulieaux Tech’s success in building high-performing end-user training is based on our belief that users need to understand more than the screens and clicks found in a new technology.  We believe in providing targeted, just-in-time, process-based training and that using technology is just one component of effective training.  Developing training materials is one more way Maulieaux Tech helps make technology implementations successful.

Rollout Planning and Management

Even the most well designed technology is meaningless without a successful rollout.  At rollout, many disciplines must come together seamlessly.  Maulieaux Tech understands these moving pieces.  Our rollout planning methodology and skill in management helps you to successfully handle the great number of transitions occurring during the implementation rollout phase.

User Adoption

Success depends on the readiness of people to adapt to change and to adopt new processes and technology.  A focus on adoption is required throughout the planning and execution of an implementation. Maulieaux Tech can help you measure adoption to ensure your users are prepared for success. 

ERP Assessment

Whether the dust has settled on your implementation, or you are struggling to see a project to completion, Maulieaux Tech’s Technology Health Assessment provides an independent review of progress or results using business, technology and project criteria.  Our assessment focuses on finding risk areas and providing mitigation plans.

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